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Annexe A: The Questionnaire (Individual and Group)

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This annex presents the questionnaire, which is elaborated and used to collect data about the shoppers in Square One mall in Toronto area. The questionnaire contains two main parts: the first is for the individual shoppers, while the second is for the groups. Each part contains several sections that contain many questions. This questionnaire is presented, in detail, in the rest of this annexe. It is important to notice that it exists a french version of this questionnaire, which is conducted in Place De La Cité mall in Québec City. Unfortunately, the french version of the questionnaire is not presented in this annex.

The second part of the questionnaire is addressed to gather data about a group of shoppers. This group can be formed by members’ family, friends, colleagues, etc. who come to the mall in order to do shopping together. Before filling the group questionnaire, we need to fill the individual questionnaires for each member of the group who is over than 13 years. When the members finish filling the questionnaire, we choose one member from this group, and we ask him/her to fill the group questionnaire. The selected member must be able to fill the questionnaire, such as the leader of the group. The group questionnaire is composed of the following sections:

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